The Walking Deer: Hunter Learns The Hard Way That Nature Is Tricky [VIDEO]

Deer don’t have many defenses when it comes to taking on the dreaded hunter. They don’t make Kevlar vests in their size. All the best weapons require hands with opposable thumbs instead of hooves. One enterprising deer, however, found a way to get back at a hunter while putting a good scare into his reflective orange-wearing ass.

The hunter in this video captures a beautiful buck, and–like all people today who can’t fully experience a moment without their cell phone–he records his kill for digital posterity. That’s when the fun happens…
Yep, the deer pops up right in front of the hunter and hops away–hopefully to a nearby clinic, because if any deer ever deserved to live after thwarting a hunter, it’s this one.

Of course, the truly funniest part of the video isn’t the deer’s return to the world of the living. It’s the hunter’s girlish scream that anyone of us probably would have made if we were experiencing the same moment in person. Hell, we would have uttered one the moment we checked the time and realized we could’ve been back in bed and gotten three extra hours sleep instead of drudging through a forest carrying vials of deer urine.

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