Valentina Pegorer Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Valentina Pegorer is a sexy new Italian model and television personality who should be on your radar. She’s absolutely bellissima┬áso it makes sense that she’s worked with Emanuele Ferrari, one of our favorite photographers from the boot-shaped country, and his site NextDoorModel. Obviously Valentina has what it takes to cut it as a model but she’s really looking to get more work in film and on television. As a non-Italian speaker, I can personally tell you that she’s perfect.

How Valentina’s escaped our eyes until today is beyond me, especially because she’s already been featured on C-Heads (which we’ve already admitted to loving). But in our defense the hot model is way below where she should be on Instagram with less than 2,000 followers. In comparison, Amanda Bynes has almost 150k. Only in America folks.

Make sure that she knows that she’s loved in America by following her on Facebook and Instagram, then peep her photos below.

Nationality: Italian

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