No One Should Earn “Achievements” for Using Netflix or Other Media Apps on the Xbox One

Achievements are a weird addition to video games. You don’t get anything from earning them besides the pride of having unlocked them, but that pride is well earned because you had to achieve something notable in the game in order to score them. That’s why we’re scratching our heads at the news that you can earn achievements just from watching movies and shows on media apps like Netflix. unveiled the full list of achievements that watchers, not players, can earn from apps like Netflix, Amazon’s and Twitch on the new Xbox One. They include rewards for doing simple tasks like submitting reviews of movies and shows, watching a consecutive number of episodes and even just using the app for a certain number of consecutive days.

How are these “achievements”? At least a video game forces you to earn one by beating a game or achieving a certain score. These achievements are just rewarding you for sitting on your ass and not even moving your fingers to accomplish something. These don’t feel as satisfying because they can’t even give you carpal tunnel to remind you of your victories.

Why not take it a step further? Now that the Xbox One’s motion sensor can detect the physical player’s movements and voices, why not award them with achievements for finishing a six pack beer during a soap opera (Achievement Unlocked: “You’re clearly unemployed”) or getting aroused by a shampoo commercial (Achievement Unlocked: “Ads with benefits”).

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