The “Rob Ford Movie,” Starring Chris Farley Would Have Been Perfect

The train wreck that is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s life has often been compared to the late comedian Chris Farley and that’s not really fair or even right. Farley tried to make people laugh at him on purpose. The two have finally been put together in this epic trailer.

This mashup trailer features several familiar clips from some of Farley’s more memorable moments on film pieced together to look like someone has made a lighthearted comedy about the Toronto mayor’s personal journey to bounce back from adversity, common sense and his obvious crack addiction.

It’s actually kind of hard to watch because the parallels between the two large funnymen are so similar. They both unnecessarily scream and yell a lot. They both lived in deep denial of their addictions, even though it was painfully obvious that it was destroying their lives. They both don’t have necks and that must be unhealthy in some bizarre way.

A Rob Ford/Chris Farley video mashup was inevitable but the person who made this one really went the extra mile to make it crisp and special. They even added that oh so appropriate song by the late Amy Winehouse Rehab towards the end of it that Ford clearly has never heard possibly because all that face fat has blocked his ear canals.

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