Fangirls’ Youtube Comment War Read By Old British Actors Is Amazing [VIDEO]

This video contains lots of NSFW language, but what else would you expect from two fans arguing about whether Harry from One Direction is gay?

Usually there is nothing more depressing than reading the comments to anything posted on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video of a kitten sleeping or a political debate; eventually the comments will devolve into hatred that will make you question the goodness of humanity. Thankfully, these old, grizzled British actors have taken a very heated exchange and dramatized it to the point of pure hilarity.

Two girls who are fans of One Direction clashed on a comment thread because one of them claimed that she had definitive proof that Harry is gay. The other girl didn’t believe her. The conversation quickly moved from whether the girl actually had proof to whether one can be a fan of both Harry and Justin Bieber to whether or not one of them should eat s***. We’re hoping that this video series produces way more of these because the internet will never stop supplying the appropriate material.

via YouTube

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