Watch The Most Insane Beer Pong Trick Shots Ever [VIDEO]

As Americans we may think that we are the nation with the world’s best beer pong players, but New Zealand may have just given us a run for our money.

These guys from New Zealand submitted this video to take part in ESPN’s Trick Shot Your Way To The NBA. It doesn’t matter if they’re on escalators, in parking garages or curving around obstructions, these guys can make any shot count. We’re not sure how much beer pong will translate to NBA success. Maybe they would be really good at bounce passing? If they can do anything with a basketball that they can do with a ping pong ball, they’ll make “Pistol” Pete Maravich look like an untalented piece of garbage.

As badass as this is, it still makes you wonder how much time they spent perfecting these shots. Do you really need to be so good at beer pong that you can make a shot from hundreds of feet in the air? Maybe there are underground and extreme beer pong leagues that we don’t know about that take place in exotic locations? It could be like Mortal Kombat but with beer pong. If these New Zealanders don’t make it to the NBA, we wish them luck in their secret, deadly beer pong league.

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