Amy-Jane Brand Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Amy-Jane Brand is a hot Australian model who should be on your radar. Her Twitter (@AmyJaneBrand) profile proudly displays that she’s “taking the selfies your Mrs. won’t since 2008.” I have to say that while I don’t have a Mrs., I can’t imagine that she’d be taking those kinds of photos if she existed. Touche, Amy-Jane.

Most recently, Amy-Jane was chosen to represent Nena and Pasadena for their upcoming summer line but she’s probably most famous for her shoots and features with Zoo Australia. Truthfully we weren’t aware of her until we peeped her today on Tumblr but it’s clear that’s our fault–she’s been modeling for over three years now.

We’ll make up for our ignorance by bearing some good news. According to a conversation she had on Twitter earlier this month Amy-Jane is all set to make the move to the United States sometime soon. Make preparations now.

Nationality: Australian | Measurements: 32-26-34

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