Mircea Monroe (still) on Hart of Dixie

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

Thanksgiving is all about family reunions, and we’ve been thrilled to see sexy actress Mircea Monroe reuniting with her old castmates on Hart of Dixie this season. She’s probably officially a recurring character, but Mircea is the biggest draw that we can think of on the unusually homey CW production.The show has done a good job of keeping Mircea busy as a certified cosmetologist who gets into plenty of Southern-fried romantic entanglements. Of course, we think that Mircea should be starring in much bigger productions, but Hollywood doesn’t listen to us. (Hart of Dixie, at least, cares enough about See Her Tonight to also showcase gals like Nadine Velazquez.)

Mircea has still had a pretty good year. She’s shown up with Charlie Sheen on Anger Management, and beautified the final season of How I Met Your Mother. We’re also happy to see her in the upcoming Indian production Dr. Cabbie–which we’ll probably be able to enjoy in a Times Square theater. Mircea has certainly earned her reputation as a real knockout with amazing talent. She was Conan O’Brien’s favorite sexbomb for sketches during his stint on The Tonight Show, which helped her land on the Showtime Channel’s showbiz spoof Episodes as a hot actress miscast as a dour lesbian librarian.

Mircea has been in demand ever since. Nobody goofs on glamour like Mircea, either. We don’t know if it was her idea to give her breasts their own Twitter account, but Mircea spent a lot of time talking to them via her own official feed. It looks like Mircea’s pretty much retired that gag, but we’re sure impressed that she maintained the thing for as long as she did. Now get impressed by an updated photo gallery of Mircea’s marvelous bod–and don’t forget that it’s all that and brains, too…

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