These Giant Insectoids That Look Straight Out of Sci-Fi Could Be on a Very Real Battlefield Someday

Mankind has dreamed of a lot of things from portable phones that can actually hold a signal to flying cars that can drive above the traffic and clog up the skies. Now, mankind is one step closer to achieving another dream: robots that can help us fight wars.

The Defense One blog uncovered a new US military robotics program called the Legged Squad Support System that would put four legged robots on the actual battlefield to help the Marines on the ground.

These giant insect-looking machines wouldn’t fire lasers out of their eye-pods or serenade the enemy to death with its cricket legs. As of right now, it’s mostly a transport vehicle to help move gear on the field at a weight of up to 400 pounds per robot. It can also traverse rough terrain so it won’t slow the troops down and it can even serve as a charging station for radios and other handheld devices in the field.

The military started testing their new toys almost two years ago but there’s no set date or goal for bringing them into the field to help out the troops. Of course, I’m sure if they told us that, they would probably have to kill us with the autonomous “Iron Men” warriors that they’ve secretly been working on as well.

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