“BAD SANTA” Turns 10 Years Old—-Celebrate With Video and Bad Santa News


One of the greatest Christmas movies that adults can actually enjoy reached an important milestone today–and one real department store Santa decided to honor its legacy by being a total bastard.

Bad Santa, the classic 2003 holiday comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton as a drunken, perverted thief posing as the worst mall store Santa in modern history since the last time Gary Busey dressed up as one and unintentionally scared his relative’s kids during Christmas dinner (which is probably every Christmas dinner), turns 10 today.

And because Santa is one efficient son of a bitch, it seems that a real mall store Santa in Massachusetts picked the perfect time to be a “bad Santa” as well. According to The Smoking Gun, 62-year-old Herbert Jones is facing indecent assault and battery charges for pinching one of his 18-year-old helper elves on the bum while they were working together in the mall.

The woman claimed that the Santa told her “I wish you were a few years older and I was younger” before making his inappropriate contact with the woman. Police arrested him after a witness corroborated the story but sadly not while he was in costume. He’s out on bail but apparently the judge who arranged him has a sense of humor as well because he has to appear in court again on Christmas Eve. Sorry kids, guess you’ll just have to wait to get that new bike or Barbie doll because Santa has a debt he has to pay to society.

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