Meet The One Hot Ukrainian Gal You Don’t Want At Your Door [VIDEO]

We usually love Ukrainian women here at COED. You can check out 12 of our favorite sexiest new models from the region right here. This video, however, offers shocking footage of a cute Ukrainian gal. Shocking, that is, in the sense that she might be the one Ukrainian gal that we wouldn’t gladly invite into the COED offices. Somebody doesn’t want her in his apartment, either, as you can see by this baffling video shot from the hallway of a Ukrainian apartment building.

At least, we’re hoping that it’s a Ukrainian apartment building. That hallway sure looks like a place where we used to live, and this is pretty much how we imagined things were going on around 3 pm while we were arguing about anime hard at work at the COED offices. Well, there weren’t cute brunettes banging to get into the place, but probably a few people whose lazy afternoons included plans to break our kneecaps.

Anyway, enjoy this footage of what’s really typical city life from all over the world. It’ll make you feel a lot better when you’re stuck back in your boring childhood home enduring another Thanksgiving. We’ll be laboring hard here for you in the COED offices–which is preferable to being at home in the apartment where we live now. We spend a lot of time there banging on the door to get out…

Nuts In The News (By Which We Mean Testicles)
Nuts In The News (By Which We Mean Testicles)
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