November 27, 2013: Yuria Haga Turns 26—Here’s 59 Pics

Yuria Haga is one of Japan’s sexiest young actresses–and if you don’t know who she is, then you’re going to be very glad to get an eyeful. “But,” you ask, “how does the COED staff know about Yuria Haga?” To which you can probably guess that the answer is that the COED staff has seen her in two Japanese movies about demonic spirits.

The first one was 2008’s Final Call, which is about what happens when you call up Satan at home using his personal phone number. The results are about as grisly as when we call up our ex-girlfriends at around 3 am. The second Yuria Haga film that we saw was 2006’s Legend of Seven Monks, where there’s a portal to Hell that can only be closed by a crew of hip young Japanese gals. [If you prefer J-pop stars, then check out our tributes to Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki.]

Anyway, today is Yuria Haga’s 26th birthday, and our gift to you is spreading the word about this haunting international beauty. Of course, you might already know Yuria from her role in the original¬†Kamen Rider 555. That’s the bizarre Japanese television show that has Yuria taking on the Smart Brain corporation, which is seeking world domination because the business is really just a cover operation for some demonic spirits. Those seem to be a real problem in Japan.

We’re pretty sure that Yuria Haga is about to become more popular than ever. She’s supposed to have her first nude scene in next year’s Red X Pink. That’s a movie about three women who are steel-cage fighters. Yuria is reportedly playing the one that’s a little confused about her sexuality. Get your ticket to Tokyo now–but first check out these amazing pics that’ll conjure some demonic spirits in your pants…

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