The 50 Most Legit Knockoffs Brands In The World [PHOTOS]

There are tons of copyright and trademark rules here in the United States to prevent cheap knockoffs from being made, but everyone knows that those laws don’t really apply in foreign countries (i.e. China “the land of no adult supervision“). Of course that means that you can order fake jerseys and sneakers on the cheap, but the real value here is in the laughter that some of the best knockoff brands can provide.

We originally wanted to travel to various Chinese flea markets so we could take original funny photos for this post but when we learned that you can’t get there for less than $50.53, we just started looking online. We came up with a lot of bullsh*t products. But these are by far the 50 best/worst.

For the record, my favorite brand name on the list is “Arm & Hatchet,” with “S&M’s” candy placing a close second.


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