Bruce Lee’s Famous Yellow Jumpsuit from Game of Death is Up for Sale

Christmas is coming up awfully fast–and if you’ve got a Bruce Lee fan on your shopping list that you need to find a gift for, we’ve got something that’s way cooler than another Green Hornet DVD box set.┬áSpink–that being an auction house in Hong Kong–is selling off one of Bruce Lee’s most iconic and prized possessions: the yellow jumpsuit he wore for his final film, according to the Associated Press.

The yellow suit came from Lee’s last movie Game of Death, the film Lee was making when he suddenly died at the age of 32 from a bad reaction to pain medication in 1973. The film was completed five years after his passing but had to be edited together with previous footage of the martial arts star because he died during the movie’s principal filming schedule.

The yellow suit with black stripes is part of a movie prop and costume auction and expected to fetch at least $32,250 when it’s unleashed on the bidding public later this week. Of course, can you put a price on being able to say that you own the most iconic collectible from your favorite movie star’s past? You sure can’t put a price on the face of the people who you also told that you had to sell everything else you own just to be able to say that you own it.

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