The Worst Video Game of 2013 Is…

Even though gaming has become a billion dollar industry with millions of people working on titles all over the world, a few clunkers somehow still manage to make their way to the shelves. However, one recent release is so bad that the company that released it decided to somehow “un-release” it.

The release of the cricket simulator Ashes Cricket 2013 has been so fraught with buggy gameplay and poor graphics that 505 Games has pulled it off the shelves, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

The game mysteriously disappeared off of the Steam store’s virtual shelf recently and when 505 Games was reached for an explanation, they blamed its “un-release” on the developer Trickstar Games and their poor attempt to complete the game. A 505 Games representative said that Trickstar assured them their game engine could handle “a dynamic, cutting-edge cricket game for the modern age across multiple platforms and unfortunately those assurances were found to be misplaced.” 505 Games should have been a little wary of such a claim since it contained words such as “cutting-edge” and “modern” to describe something involving cricket.

505 Games is even backing up their claims by promising everyone who purchased it with a full refund. Let’s hope that includes anyone who didn’t know before purchasing it just how boring cricket could be in the first place.

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