24 Incredible Moving Neon Film Posters [GIFS]

You probably didn’t know this but today marks the 103rd birthday of cold cathode gas-discharge light tubing–better known as “neon light.” The inventor, Georges Claude, was French and is rumored to have invented neon because his country’s enemies were unable to see a waving white flag in the night. Just kidding, we love the French.

The truth is Georges debuted his invention at the Paris Motor Show which ran from December 3rd-December 18th, 1910, after which the technology took off. It was (and still is) used for signs all over the world.

But now the idea of neon isn’t new, it’s somewhat retro. Which brings us to artist and graphic designer Michael Whaite who created some very awesome and witty “neon signs” for famous movies. You’ve probably already seen a few of these (they were on the front page of Reddit earlier this week) but I can guarantee you that there are some you missed.


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