Stuff The Intern Forgot: Nap Cafes, Selena Gomez Without Make up & More [Links]

So Nap Cafes Exist Now–What’s Next?

The Nap Cafe Corne is located in Tokyo, Japan, and it is exactly what it sounds like. According to our friends over at Egotastic, patrons of this particular cafe can pay the equivalent to $1.50 USD to rent a curtained nap space for ten minutes. The Nap Cafe Corne also serves as a regular cafe, so if you wake up with an empty stomach, you have the option to purchase some snacks or a sandwich. However, there is one catch: The Nap Cafe Corne is for WOMEN ONLY. Sorry dudes, next time you take a trip to Japan just make sure you nap on the plane…or in your hotel…or hell, just throw some headphones on and take a nap in the “regular” section of the cafe.

Speaking of naps, I’m guessing our intern has also been drifting off, since he neglected to post this awesome stuff…

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