“300: Rise of An Empire” Trailer Has More Water Than “Noah” [VIDEO]

There’s a new 300: Rise of an Empire trailer–and it sure looks a lot like theĀ 300: Rise of an Empire trailer that we saw last summer. The biggest difference is that now we can make jokes comparing it to the Noah trailer. Because both trailers have lots of water and mayhem. Also, they’re both films that made our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 list, and this new 300 trailer doesn’t change our mind about that.

We’re pretty impressed to see Eva Green and Lena Headey beautifying the ol’ 300 landscape, though. These warrior women should tide us over until we see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in that Man of Steel sequel. It’s also nice to see Rodrigo Santoro back as Xerxes. We bet that guy didn’t think the first 300 would be a role that kept on giving.

Also, the Spartans seem to still be the same. Beards, washboard abs, you know–that COED Editorial Staff look that was so popular back in 480 B.C. Check out all of the epic action right here, and look forward to lots of splattering blood in 3D…

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