December 4, 2013: 42 Hot Pics for Brooke Adams’ 29th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Whether you love her by her real name or as Miss Tessmacher, Brooke Adams has become one of the most memorable gals on today’s wrestling circuit–and one of the few babes who’ve actually built up their bod over the years. Brooke Adams, in fact, is celebrating her 29th birthday as one of the biggest babes in brawling, and the former model doesn’t seem too interested in hitting the mainstream. (Of course, COED doesn’t wrestle with our feelings towards all kinds of big built babes, as seen by these earlier tributes to Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, and Karen Jarrett.)

Brooke (she tends to just get billed as “Brooke” nowadays) certainly started out with a splash. She started out with the WWE as a dancer in the ECW’s Extreme Exposé group. Amazingly enough, Brooke was yet another of the future stars who originally failed to make the cut on the WWE’s Diva Search. She was still outstanding enough to be sent out to the farm team of Ohio Valley Wrestling, before moving on to Deep South Wrestling.

Brooke made her big debut in January of 2007 as a dancer, and her character of Brooke Tessmacher had lots of fun story lines as a brawler and a babe. It was kind of baffling when she was kicked out of the franchise just nine months later–officially as part of some kind of dopey copyright infringement involving Melina’s furry boots.

Then she immediately hooked up with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and the singularly-named Tara to form the tag-team duo of TnT. They went on to become the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, and Brooke won (twice) the  TNA Women’s Knockout Champion title. She enjoyed a long stint with TNA, and is now modeling and doing a lot of work as a proper personality. Check out these pics, and you’ll see a powerful personality that’ll get us watching Brooke into her thirties…

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