December 5, 2013: 27 Pics for Keri Hilson’s 31st Birthday [PHOTOS]

Keri Hilson turns 31 years old today–that being December 5, 2013–but she’s crammed in plenty of hot poses for a pop diva who got to a late start. The gal from Georgia spent some formative years in some failed pop groups before rising up with the Atlanta scene in 2006. That’s the year when Keri Hilson became a big name as a songwriter, helping to pen tunes for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and The Pussycat Dolls.

Of course, a talent (and bod) like Keri Hilson couldn’t be hidden behind the scenes. She was soon signed to Timbaland’s label and being showcased in videos for the likes of Usher and Ne-Yo. Keri was already a big deal in 2007 after guesting on Timbaland’s big hit “The Way I Are”–but Hilson still waited until 2009 to release her own debut album. In A Perfect World… had a few hit singles, including “Turnin Me On” with Lil Wayne.

Keri then surprised folks by quickly following up with 2010’s No Boys Allowed, which had some hits but should’ve done a lot better as a sharp R&B pop album with smart rock touches. Keri should’ve also broken out bigger as a sex symbol with her acting debut in last year’s Think Like A Man. The surprise hit probably sold a lot of tickets after word got out about Keri ┬áin a blouse that didn’t cover up much of her big-screen bod.

She didn’t get to look as sexy in this year’s sci-fi saga Riddick, but her cameo still made some impact. We’ll be reportedly getting a new album soon, too–and these pics will get you ready to rock with whatever new sound (and look) Keri will come up with next…

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