“Pompeii” Gets Destroyed Again in This New Trailer

The next horrible moment in world history to get the epic movie treatment is Pompeii.┬áDirector Paul W.S. Anderson–the man behind such Hollywood action epics as Death Race, Alien vs. Predator and every Resident Evil movie ever made (seriously)–will bring us his vision of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of the city of Pompeii in his next movie set for release in February of 2014.

This version of the infamous volcanic eruption focuses its core story on a Celtic gladiator, played by Kit Harington, who falls in love with a woman way out of his level on the ancient caste system just before the massive volcano is about to dump a ton of lava on their town. Spoiler alert: There won’t be a second date.
We’re no historical scholars unless Wikipedia and Cracked.com knock-off sites have more educational credibility than we suspect but there certainly is a lot of water in this film in which the core obstacle is a fire spewing volcano. Hell, this is the second trailer that we’ve seen this week that has more H2O in it than the trailer for Noah.

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