Those #*$&ers in Ohio Swear More Than Any State in the U.S. of #*&$in’ A

A new study counted the number of curse words in cell phone calls, and found that Ohio has the citizens most likely to use words like “#*$&,” “$#*%,” “^#*$er” and “#*$&punter,” according to a story from The Atlantic. So if curse words and the ability to freely use them are as American as apple pie, baseball, and ice cream fad diet–well, the Buckeye State is the most patriotic place in the Union.

Don’t worry, the calls didn’t come from some covert program headed by the NSA or a tech nerd with way too much time on their hands. The calls examined in the study came from businesses that hire customer service representatives to handle their call centers that are “monitored for quality assurance” like banks, collection agencies and tech support lines. We’re guessing they also chose to go that route because they knew those calls would have more than enough people swearing for their study.

The data showed that people from Ohio used a curse word in one out of every 150 phone calls making them the most likely to utter words that make Jesus cry over the phone followed by Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois. To be fair, if you lived in a state that housed the Cleveland Browns, you’d use more than a few four letter words too.

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