Man Proposes To Luvabulls Dancer During Heat/Bulls Game [VIDEO]


The Chicago Bulls won their home game last night against the Miami Heat, but forget Carlos Boozer who dropped 27 points on the NBA Champions, the real MVP of the game was the man who proposed to a Chicago Luvabulls dancer.┬áTalk about staying cool in the clutch. It takes a serious set of cojones to propose to someone at any game–proposing to a dancer of an NBA team during one of their biggest games of the regular season takes it to a whole other level.

Obviously here at COED look down on marriage in general but if you’re going to do it (and interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of a game), obviously you go big. Emerging from Benny the Bull is a great start. Getting her to say “Yes” is an even better finish.

You might remember that the Luvabulls weren’t placed too high on our Power Rankings of NBA Dancers’ Social Media. Thankfully someone saw that it might be a good idea to actually talk about it on their Facebook page.

The Chicago Bulls are in desperate need of a pick-me-up after losing D-Rose again, so this is a nice story to distract us. As one internet commenter puts it, “At least one person in the United Center is getting a ring this year.”

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