Stuff The Intern Forgot: Lindsay Lohan vs A Hilton, Sexy Mug Shots, & More [Links]

It’s been a quiet year for Lindsay Lohan, but the fine folks at TMZ are still always looking for the latest on the starlet. Never mind that Lindsay is probably trying to save all of her best breakdowns for the reality show that she’s making for Oprah’s network. Consider how TMZ has the story on Paris Hilton’s little brother Barron, who claims that Lindsay sicced a bullying bodyguard on the poor little rich kid. The mayhem supposedly happened in Miami, with Barron having made some snide remarks about Lindsay while they were attending the same party.

We’re a little concerned to think that there are repercussions to making fun of Lindsay. Still, we doubt that we’d ever do it within range of Lindsay being able to hear. Or, more importantly, within range of Lindsay’s bodyguards being able to hear her saying something like, “Attack that handsome young man!”

Anyway, go to the link and get the whole story. And here’s more stuff that we should have covered, but somebody forgot to keep the intern away from the bar for tonight’s office party…

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