Wendy’s Customer Finds a Smoked Blunt in Her Burger, No, Really

Most people who go to Wendy’s are doing so because they’ve been enjoying some kind of, shall we say, medicinal herb. One customer learned the hard way that some Wendy’s employees do the same on the job. [Image via TMZ]

A woman in Lovejoy, Georgia found a used marijuana cigarette in their hamburger, according to The Huffington Post.

The unidentified customer called 911 after discovering the blunt in a cheeseburger. Police went to the restaurant and employee Amy Seiber immediately admitted that it belonged to her. She said she was smoking the joint at the restaurant and “misplaced” it before it turned up in the customer’s burger. The only way this could be a better pot story is if it also somehow involved watching SpongeBob SquarePants and not paying rent.

Of course, Wendy’s fired the employee and police charged her with marijuana possession. The customer who ordered the burger suffered from “food poisoining-type symptoms” and had to be hospitalized. The restaurant chain not only agreed to handle their medical bills but they also offered them a $50 Wendy’s gift certificate. There’s no indication that Wendy’s will cover their medical bills again after they eat a blunt-free version of their food.

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