Emily Browning: Her 37 Sexiest Pics For Her 25th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Emily Browning sure didn’t seem like she’d end up a sexy young actress. A lot of guys first saw her as a ghostly young girl in the grisly 2002 horror film Ghost Ship. It was a great performance, but Emily Browning looked more like a dowdy midget than a future sex symbol. That’s how it should’ve been, of course, since Emily was also only 14 years old at the time–and looked about four years younger.

She still looked younger than her age as one of the unfortunate children in 2004’s Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, too. Emily actually disappeared from the big screen for a while before suddenly coming back in a surprisingly sexy new package as Babydoll in 2011’s Sucker Punch. That was director Zack Snyder’s hyper-fetishized take on violent schoolgirl fantasies, and Emily (thankfully) looked very grown up as the lead character using wild fantasies to deal with being tossed into an evil boarding school. (Get to know the rest of that cast here.)

Sucker Punch bombed, but Emily Browning was a hit. She followed up that weird mainstream film with Sleeping Beauty–which was an artsy indie that also made great use of Emily as an offbeat sex goddess. That didn’t help to make her a movie star, though. Emily’s had an impressive 2013 with two offbeat genre movies, but neither Magic Magic or Plush got the attention they deserved.

We know that she’ll be hitting the multiplexes with next year’s Pompeii, though, and…well, let’s skip the clever volcano metaphor and just say that these pics will get you celebrating Emily looking another year older this December 6th. Here’s plenty of pics to get you grateful that she’s celebrating her 25th birthday…

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