6 Videos Of Drunk Santas To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit [VIDEO]

The Christmas season drives a lot of people to drink, whether it’s out of joy or depression. And if you thought shopping for presents was stressful, just imagine being Santa Claus, who has to select gifts for millions of kids around the world. You can’t blame St. Nick for blowing off steam, but sometimes he gets a little too overcome with the holiday spirit.

Being a mall Santa must be a horrible job. You have to hear a bunch of kids whine about what they want for Christmas. Meanwhile all you want is a few extra bucks so you can pay your electric bill. Or maybe it’s a really sweet job that fills you with the joy of Christmas? Either way, this one had a few too many drinks in the break room.

If children wake up to hear this sound on their roof, they’ll probably think it’s Santa. When they rush outside, they’ll find a passed out Santa who’s soiled his suit.

Traveling around the entire world to give toys to all the boys and girls who are Christian must make you pretty hungry. Let’s hope that next time Santa remembers to eat before he drinks a case of beer.

Nothing gets people in the Christmas spirit more than Santa getting drunk and going on a political rant about the world’s overpopulation problem.

Maybe Santa forgot that LeBron already got a ring. In fact, he has two. That’s not to say that he didn’t ask for a third.

Those darn animal rights activists must have gotten to Santa and made him give up the sleigh and reindeer. At least Santa cares about the environment and opted for a bike instead of a jet to get him around the world.

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