Honor Dimebag Darrell’s Legacy By Watching These Videos [VIDEO]

December 8 is a tough day for music fans since it’s the anniversary of the death of one of the most famous guitarists and musicians of all time, Dimebag Darrell. If you were thinking we were going to mention John Lennon, that would also have worked.

Dimebag Darrell (born Darrell Lance Abbott) was a guitarist best known as a founding member of the band Pantera. After Pantera broke up, he founded the band Damageplan with his brother. On December 8, 2004, Dimebag was brutally shot and killed while performing onstage with Damageplan. In honor of Dimebag’s life, we’ve put together some of his best work from both Pantera and Damageplan.
“Save Me” was the first single off of Damageplan’s debut album New Found Power. This song would help the album to debut at 38 on the Billboard 200.
“Cowboys From Hell” was Pantera’s first single on their major label debut album Cowboys From Hell. The name Cowboys From Hell would be used frequently to describe the members of Pantera.
“Cemetery Gates” is also off the album Cowboys From Hell. This power ballad showcases Anselmo’s vocal range but also features great guitar licks by Dimebag. It is the longest song that Pantera ever recorded.
“Mouth For War” is the first single off the album Vulgar Display Of Power. This is one of Pantera’s most popular songs and the only one to ever chart, reaching #24 on the U.S. rock charts.
“Walk” is also off the album Vulgar Display of Power. The riff for this song was actually played by Dimebag at a soundcheck during the tour for Cowboys From Hell. Obviously, the rest of the band loved it, and it made it’s way onto an album.

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