“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Turns a Year Older Today

One of the most beloved holiday specials, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is celebrating a special day of its own. The Christmas special first aired on this day on CBS–and it was so popular that’s been on the air every year during Christmas since 1965. It’s become so beloved that it hardly seems like Christmas without it. Seriously, it’s a Christmas institution that’s up there with eggnog hangovers and screaming family members.

In fact, A Charlie Brown Christmas is so vital to our holiday habits that it’s unthinkable to learn that it almost didn’t make it to the airwaves. The entire production was full of major obstacles such as the fact that the producers wanted to use real children to voice Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang even though they couldn’t read the script and the devout Catholic Schulz’s arguments over whether they should leave Linus’ famous speech in the final cut. The network didn’t like it when they saw the thing for the first time and vowed only to air it once. Instead, it became one of the longest running Christmas specials and network executive word-eaters of all time.

These days, you don’t have to wait for it to come out on VHS or a certain time slot in order to watch it and since it’s already aired, Hulu has a digital version that you can watch on their website. We’ve included that link because we’re too cheap to buy you a DVD. What are you watching DVDs for, anyway? It’s 2013…

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