December 9, 2013: 39 Sexiest Pics For Dia Marza’s 32nd Birthday

Bollywood gives us a lot of sexy young actresses, but they don’t always give us the kind of sexy pics that we get from our Hollywood ladies. That’s not true of Bollywood star Dia Marza, though. The former marketing executive has done a fine job of marketing herself as a major Bollywood babe. The ambitious teen was already working in the field when Dia got into modeling on the side.

That interfered with Dia getting her college degree. Then she became a proper drop-out when she began competing for the Miss Asia Pacific pageant. We haven’t really been following that one, but we should start–even if Dia Marza was the first Indian to claim the title in 27 years with her big win in December of 2000. That was a big year for India, with  Lara Dutta also winning the Miss Universe title, and Priyanka Chopra landing the Miss World title.

It’s probably no coincidence that Bollywood began to take off internationally around that same time. The film industry quickly came calling for Dia–initially billed as “Diya Marza.” Amazingly enough, Dia’s actually had a pretty hard time in Bollywood. She’s always working steadily, but didn’t manage a real hit until she showed up as the sole gal in 2009’s Acid Factory.

That one’s a remake of the 2006 American indie thriller Unknown, and Dia really benefited from Bollywood adding a token female character to the cast. That’s also when Ms. Marza switched from “Diya” to “Dia,” but still never became a proper film diva. Dia is turning 32 years old as an Indian sex symbol, though. You can keep up with her via Twitter, and these pics will prove that Dia knows how to stay in the spotlight…

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