Geek Gal Chloe Dykstra Goofs on Esquire’s “MY PLACE,” Still Welcome In Ours [PHOTOS]

We’re big fans of Esquire and their “Me In My Place” series–which has gotten us mooning over the likes of Laura Vandervoort¬†and many more. We’re also big fans of geek gal Chloe Dykstra. And we’re really big fans of parodies that aren’t so full of parody that they lose any sex appeal. That’s exactly the fine balance we’re getting as Chloe strips down and gets casual to show her fans the kinds of things that gals really do in their underwear.

Yes, it seems life in Chloe’s apartment is a place where playing video games often matters more than cleaning all the dishes. We can relate to that. In fact, guys love to relate to Chloe Dykstra as the ravishing redhead who mixes mainstream modeling with all kinds of geeky delights.

She’s amazing at cosplay, but Chloe also get to indulge her fantastical ways with a swell film career that’s also a dream come true for guy geeks. After all, Chloe is the daughter of special-effects man John Dykstra, who became a legend for his work on the original Star Wars. Chloe grew up as geek royalty, and has cultivated that into acting gigs and work as a true fantasy insider.

Now we’re inside Chloe’s apartment, and our host is plenty sexy even while showing us the less glamorous side of ladies’ left alone. We’re starting the gallery below with our favorite pics, although you can get plenty more photos here–but you’ll also want to check out our look at Chloe’s other lovable looks and scintillating sci-fi outfits. And we know that you’ll want to keep up with Chloe via her site and her Twitter


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