“Godzilla” 2014 Goes Viral: Getting All “Cloverfield” Here [VIDEOS]

We’ll get a gander at a Godzilla teaser trailer tomorrow, but today is all about the viral video for one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014. The campaign will be familiar to anyone old enough to remember Cloverfield, too. Just as that movie had the Tagruato¬†Corporation, Godzilla has M.U.T.O. Research–and, yes, M.U.T.O. has a website. We guess that whatever they’re doing isn’t too top-secret. It looks like the programmers have included all kinds of glitches where you can click around and find different things.

So the fine folks at M.U.T.O. Research seem to have something to do with the mutated lizard industry–which is also a big part of any Godzilla film. Don’t get frustrated if that website doesn’t have enough action for you, either. We think that’ll change around 1 pm EST tomorrow. That’s when that ¬†first Godzilla teaser trailer is set to debut. They say it’s a teaser, but we’re not sure if Hollywood knows what that means anymore.

There was a time when a teaser trailer was just some text and a logo. Nowadays, a teaser is any trailer that’s under 90 seconds long. At least that’s good news to rabid Godzilla fans who can’t wait to see the latest take on the Tokyo legend. There’s certainly every reason to think that we’re going to get a classic take on the monster.

And if you really need to see some video right now, then check out the two trailers below. Technically, they’re more viral video–but we’d call them proper teaser trailers. Pretty cool ones, too, so check them out and stay tuned for tomorrow…



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