John Malkovich: GIFs for the Great Man’s Birthday [15 GIFs]

One of the most terrifying faces–and voice–in movie history is celebrating his birthday today. Actor and movie star John Malkovich turns 59 today, and we can’t think of a better way to honor the man’s legacy and body of work than with a collection of GIFs. After all, John Malkovich has provided some of the most haunting performances (and facial expressions) that we’ve ever seen.

Malkovich got his start in the Chicago theater scene has one of the founding members of the famed Steppenwolf Theater Company, along with such famous names as Gary Sinise and Glenne Headly. He moved to Broadway in the mid 1980’s for a performance in Arthur Miller’s “Death of Salesman with Dustin Hoffman.” That performance ended up as a  television adaptation that won him an Emmy the following  year.

Since then, he’s starred in so many movies that screenwriter Charlie Kaufman gave him one of the ultimate honors by writing the absurdist comedy movie Being John Malkovich about a special portal that lets people become the actor who everyone thinks once played a jewel thief for some reason. He’s also scored memorable roles in movies such as Rounders, Of Mice and Men, Empire of the Sun and Secretariat. And we were really pleased with how much fun Mr. Malkovich had with his recent Reddit AMA.

It’s no big surprise that Malkovich is a GIF machine, of course–on the level of a Gary Busey, but a little less sex appeal of Kaley Cuoco. Enjoy these memorable Malkovich moments as the man turns 59. We’re pretty sure that there are a lot more moments in our future, even if there won’t be a Red 3

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