“Scarface” Tried to Take Over the World 30 Years Ago [VIDEO]

One of movie history’s greatest and loudest gangsters took to the big screen 30 years ago today. Tony Montana–aka the titular Scarface–made his big screen debut on Dec. 9, 1983 and forever made bad Cuban accents (and the phrase, “Say hello to my little friend!”) part of the movie buff’s regular vernacular.

The film, written by a cocaine addicted Oliver Stone and directed by Brian De Palma, starred Al Pacino in the title role of a Cuban immigrant sent to America with aims of becoming a major drug kingpin in a South American cartel. Unfortunately, his lust for power, “the world and everything in it” leads to his downfall and one of the greatest gunfight scenes in recent movie history as Pacino takes on an entire cartel militia with his trusty Colt AR-15. Even though no sequels were ever produced, Hollywood is still trying to find a way to revisit the film by making a “reboot” of Scarface with producer Martin Bregman, according to Deadline.

Despite its warnings about materialism and man’s never-ending lust for power, the film and the character have achieved an iconic status particular in hip hop music–earning references in songs by Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Gucci Mane and (of course) Scarface. The blog Rap Genius described the movie as “the most influential work of art in hip-hop ever” assuming they also don’t count “boats and hoes.”

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