Ryan Braun Marries Lingerie Model Larisa Fraser: Better Eat His Wheaties (or Whatever) [PHOTOS]

Ryan Braun is the Milwaukee Brewers star who was suspended for a few months during the Major League season this year–courtesy of a drug test in 2011 that proved the outfield had been taking performance-enhancement drugs. But that was obviously a big misunderstanding, since Ryan Braun must’ve already been dating Canadian lingerie model Larisa Fraser. We know that we’d need something ¬†to maintain our testosterone¬†if we had a gal like Larisa as our girlfriend.

We’d like to demonstrate that, too, but Larisa Fraser decided to go pro over the weekend and actually married the disgraced baseball player. We mainly say “disgraced” because we’ll use any opportunity to plant doubts into the minds of a lady like Larisa. She’s only 24 years old, you know, and Ryan Braun is way too old for her. The guy’s 30 years old, you know, and already taking testosterone. Yeah, we pretended to be understanding about that, but now we’re thinking that Larisa needs a real man like us, instead of some guy who just runs around in circles and wins the National League’s Most Valuable Player award in 2011.

Also, we’d help Larisa out with her popular website ModelEats, where she writes about things like vegan eating. She’d change her mind about that kind of thing after getting some of the good lovin’ that comes from a steady diet of Pop Tarts and whatever condiments we find dropped in the COED office elevators. But we suspect that Larisa will safely remain amongst the ranks of other WAGs that COED must admire from afar. But we’ll always have plentiful pics–so check out these shots that’ll have you hitting one of the old ballpark…

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