Someone is Making Bob’s Cartoon Burgers from “Bob’s Burgers”

A burger and Bob’s Burgers fan has challenged himself to recreate some of the show’s most famous culinary creations. A Tumblr page called “The Bob’s Burgers Experiment” showcases one man’s attempt to come up with real recipes for the Fox animated show’s cleverly named burger recipes.

During each episode, the chalkboard in Bob’s restaurant features a “Special of the Day” with unique burger creations that feature a special ingredient such as the “New Bacon-ings” burger or Bob Belcher’s famous “If Looks Could Kale” burger because as Bob himself once noted, “There’s nothing wrong with kale.” The owner of the Tumblr page decided someone had to come up with recipes for Bob’s unique burger creations in the non-animated world and so far, he’s actually come up with some interesting and tasty looking burgers that don’t skimp on Bob’s unique flair for interesting ingredients.

So far, he’s created recipes for “The Foot Feta-ish Burger” with Greek feta cheese on French bread, “The Cauliflower Cumin Inside the House Burger” from the show’s recent Halloween episode and the aforementioned and challenging “If Looks Could Kale Burger” complete with a heaping, helping of roasted kale. Currently, he’s hard at work on recreating the infamous “Child Molester” burger (a Louise original, of course) by special ordering lollipops from an even more suggestively named candy store called (I kid you not) Lollyphile. Why not just name it the “Roman PolHAMski Burger”?

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