Subway Map Of New York And New Jersey Commissioned For Super Bowl [PHOTO]

Those of you interested in attending The Super Bowl have no doubt heard the awful news about how f*cking impossible it will be to actually travel to the Met Life Stadium this February. Long story short, you’ll be taking public transportation. And you won’t be tailgating.

But there’s some good news to come from all of this. If you weren’t already familiar with the public transportation options between New York City and New Jersey (where Met Life is), a new NJ Transit/MTA Map has been commissioned¬†specifically for the Super Bowl.

This is apparently the first time that the MTA has ever created a regional transportation map for NY and New Jersey.

As Business Insider mentions, this is not only a great new view of the NYC MTA subway map, commuters will now be able to see all of their options (including New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and PATH trains) for how you can get home.

Click here to see the full view of the new map.

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