December 11, 2013: Natalia Gordienko Is 26 Years Old [35 Photos]

Who’s your favorite sexy young Ukrainian pop star? Well, you have an answer to that now. Natalia Gordienko has been the hottest singer and dancer out of Moldova since around 2005. That’s when she began to perform with the band Millennium. We’re not going to be particularly big fans of the Natalia Gordienko sound, since it’s mostly throbbing hi-NRG pop songs that keep things a little too simple. We are, however, big fans of how Natalia combines an offbeat beauty with all the hot poses that we’d hope for from an American pop diva.

Of course COED is no stranger to hot Ukrainian women. Neither are you, since that’s a region that’s given us beauties like Mila Kunis and Daria Werbowy. Seriously, the Ukraine has exported some of the most important natural resources to be had in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union. Yes, freedom is a very beautiful thing.

Especially the freedom for a gal like Natalia to find fame in the assorted song competitions of Europe. It’s no surprise that she’s represented her country during the Eurovision contests, and we guarantee you that the former Miss Teens of the Ukraine looked a lot different back when the country was behind the Iron Curtain.

Now we raise the gold lamé disco curtains on a gal who could certainly stand some worldwide exposure. Especially if it would hook her up with some American producers who could provide a little more personality to her music. Natalia already knows how to work the look, as you’ll agree after checking out these hot pics that’ll remind you that hot pop stars speak a universal language…

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