Stoned Dogs On Tape: Mixed Feelings About This One… [VIDEO]

Dogs and marijuana go together like monkeys and spear guns: It may feel wrong to watch, but something hilarious is still bound to happen that you just can’t miss. A dedicated YouTuber compiled all of the videos of dogs accidentally eating their masters’ pot brownies in one giant video celebration of dogs tripping balls (or whatever’s left over after they’ve been spayed or neutered) on highly potent marijuana.

The dogs basically act the way any healthy adult would if they scarfed down a pot brownie or two, except dogs are just hilarious. When humans do it, we either sound totally annoying about how the world is just a tiny speck in the universe or look completely tuned out to the world around us as we stare and drool at an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! as if it’s telling us the secrets of existence.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should purposely give your dog a pot brownie to eat. According to this article from The Coloradoan, in most cases, dogs who accidentally eat pot laced food turn out fine but the food part could cause gastrointestinal problems because foods made with cooking oil and butter can be toxic to dogs. Much like the dogs in these videos, they should be brought to the ER immediately so a veterinarian can get the food out of their system before they get sick. Don’t worry, they’ll still be high when you bring them back home.

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