The Lowest Grossing Movie of 2013 Is… [VIDEO]

The Fifth Estate may have been the biggest bomb at the box office this year, but the lowest grossing movie of 2013  found a way to make more money than that and still seem even more pathetic. Storage 24, a British horror movie from Universal and Magnolia Pictures, made a whopping average of $72 at the box office. Yes, that pretty much makes it the film with the lowest (American) profit of the year, according to Box Office Mojo.

This sci-fi saga takes place in a self storage facility in London. The city is under a lockdown order after a military plane crashes and accidentally unleashes a breed of man-eating aliens in the populace. The people inside the facility think they’re safe, but then one of the aliens finds a way in and begins hunting them down one by one. Just imagine a lower grade version of Aliens if the entire movie took place inside a U-Haul.

If you don’t remember seeing ads for it or even a lousy trailer, that’s because it was literally released to just one theater back in January–or, as its more commonly known in movie buff circles, the month where movies go to die. And at risk of adding a SPOILER, we’ll also note that the movie ends on a downer note that couldn’t have helped its chances in US theaters. A reshoot could’ve probably easily made Storage 24 an extra $35.

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