Aly Michalka on “Two and a Half Men” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Aly Michalka on Two and a Half Men

(9:30 PM EST, CBS)

Aly Michalka guests on Two and a Half Men tonight–which, in case you haven’t been paying attention, has been featuring Amber Tamblyn as a womanizing lesbian who’s also the long-lost daughter of the late Charlie Harper. Amber has been having sex with plenty of gals on the show. We especially liked the (sadly, unseen) menage that she enjoyed with Mimi Rogers (as the mom of Ashton Kutcher’s character) and former ’70s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (playing herself, yow). Of course,  See Her Tonight has also celebrated a lot more Two and a Half Men women, including Brooke D’Orsay, April Bowlby, and Natalina Maggio.

But that fun could come to an end with tonight’s episode, as stick-in-the-mud Alan Harper (that’s Jon Cryer’s character) tries to get the randy lesbian to settle down with one hot babe. And we don’t like that idea, even if the one babe is the luscious Aly Michalka. Maybe we’d be happier if tonight’s plot was about the lost Harper hooking up with Aly and her twin sister A.J.

That’s right, folks–we’re talking about the same Aly Michalka who’s been a wholesome teen dream pop queen. The twins are still a team, and you can follow them via Twitter.  Aly, however, has grown into a proper fantasy by herself over the years. We’ve been feeling all grown up about Aly ever since her time on Wildcats with Ashley Tisdale. Coincidentally enough, Ashley Tishdale shows up on The Crazy Ones right before Two and a Half Men tonight, so there’s a thrilling double-feature of double delights. We’ll be tuning in to both of them tonight–but for now, let’s avoid straining our brain (and other body parts), and concentrate on a hot gallery of our favorite Aly cat…

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