“Doom” Turns 20, Celebrates with Hellish Monsters, Bloody Violence and Cake

Doom, the granddaddy of first person video game violence, turned 20 years old this week.┬áThe classic first person shooter created by id Software celebrated its 20th anniversary this week and one die-hard fan honored the game’s special day with a video in which Sarge and the game’s evil minions put aside their petty differences to enjoy a nice slice of bloody cake in honor of its important milestone.

To call Doom influential would be a huge understatement. It transformed the challenges that video games could present to players and the immersive feelings that so many games today strive to achieve. Players are dumped into an alien wasteland where the only goal is to survive long enough in order to figure out how to escape it.

What’s even more amazing is how id Software made it into such a monster hit. Early PC gaming fans may remember that the first versions of Doom came out just when the “Information Superhighway” was becoming a staple in every modern home and id Software actually marketed the game by giving away free versions of the entire first part of the game as Shareware and selling the rest over the Internet just like they did with their first big hit Wolfenstein 3D, according to an article back in 1994 in the Dallas Morning News. It’s impossible to imagine any modern video game business giving away a third of their game for free and hoping that you’ll buy the rest, probably because players would realize how much they suck before they plunk down any money on the full game. And don’t forget the movie, either…


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