Stuff The Intern Forgot: The Death Of The Nerd, Father/Son Dance & More [Links]

4 Reasons 2013 Officially Marked The Death Of The Nerd

Our friends over at Cracked came up with a drinking game which is certain to get you hammered within minutes: Simply click on random Twitter bios and take a shot every time you see the word “nerd” or “geek.” When I was a kid, being called a nerd was a massive insult, but these days everyone thinks it’s hip to dress like a nerd or to self-proclaim nerdiness. The term “nerd’ used to be dished out on its own, but now it’s generally added on to something more specific, such as, “I’m a big Star Wars nerd.” To read all about the 4 main reasons 2013 has marked the death of the nerd, CLICK HERE.

Clearly our intern isn’t an “internet nerd,” because he completely forgot to post this amazing stuff…

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