The Most Expensive City To Buy A Beer At An NBA Game Will Surprise You [CHART]

If I asked you the question, “Which NBA team sells the most expensive beer?” I would expect your response to be The New York Knicks, The Los Angeles Lakers, or some other big market team. But you would be wrong. The most expensive place to buy a beer is now at the Target Center, homecourt of the Minnesota Timberwolves and the place where fans pay at least $9.50 for for a draft.

Clearly something’s changed because just last year Timberwolves fans could buy a brew for $7.00. Oh wait that’s right something did change: the city of Minnesota and the Timberwolves recently announced a $97 million renovation deal on the Target Center.

But TWolves aren’t the only ones jacking up prices. The world being as evil as it is, the average cost of beer has also risen. What was once $7.08 in 2012 is now $7.41 in 2013.

But going back to the Knicks for a second (it’s funny how we haven’t been talking about them very much this season, right?) they actually do sell the most expensive beer per ounce (at $0.73) which is more than twice as much as the Spurs, Thunder, and Hawks offer ($0.31 per ounce).

See below for the full list of teams and their respective costs of beer.

Chart via: Business Insider

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