Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery: Pretty Determined To Become A Woman [VIDEO]

Via our friends at TMZ, we now learn that Bruce Jenner–on his way to getting his divorce from his wife (and veteran Kardashian breeder) Kris–has consulted a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about getting a procedure called a Laryngeal Shave. That’s an operation that smooths out the Adam’s Apple. Now, you might be wondering why such a procedure was ever invented. We here at COED aren’t ashamed to know the answer to that. As sophisticated types who’ve gotten drunk in every kind of bar that exists in New York City, we can attest that the┬áLaryngeal Shave is a procedure that’s very valuable to transgendered folks. Specifically, guys who are looking to transition into being women.

But what did Bruce Jenner tell the inquiring cameramen of TMZ? “I just never liked my trachea.” Which is nice, but here’s the deal: There were rumors about Bruce Jenner getting ready for a sex change back in the 1980s. About ten years after Bruce won the Decathlon gold in the 1976 Olympics, and maybe six years after Bruce starred with the Village People in the epic disco movie Can’t Stop the Music. We’re talking about over two decades of people checking out Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgeries and saying, “Is he trying to look like a woman? I think he’s trying to look like a woman.”

But all we really need to know is that Bruce has never liked his trachea, and he’s been married for a long time to a woman who looks nice in suits. We will not judge, of course. We know a few male celebrities who look really striking when dressed as women. We won’t name names, though, because we’re very tolerant, and we also don’t want to get banned from some exclusive after-hours joints that rely on discretion. And, for all we know, maybe Bruce really just doesn’t like his trachea. Let’s see what happens next–and enjoy this video, which is surely totally random and has nothing to do with anything…

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