Celebrate Steve Buscemi’s 55th Birthday With Some Classic Buscemi GIFs [GALLERY]

One of Hollywood’s most recognizable character actors (with one of the most recognizable sets of teeth) has a birthday today. Actor Steve Buscemi–the star of the critically-acclaimed HBO series Boardwalk Empire and classic movies like Reservoir Dogs and The Big Lebowski–turns 55 years old today. [Image via vidmon/Flickr]

His rise to fame is just as legendary as the crooked tooth in his equally famous face. He actually started as a firefighter in the New York Fire Department before he was bit by the acting bug. In fact, he returned to his old precinct following the World Trade Center attacks in 2011 and worked several 12-hour shifts with his fellow firefighters sifting through the remains of the fallen buildings to search for survivors. He put on his firefighter hat again following Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of the New Jersey coastline to help out with the cleanup efforts. You probably didn’t hear about it because he refused to be photographed or do interviews during both efforts. And you probably thought he was just a make believe badass because he played Mr. Pink?

So that’s why there aren’t any animated GIFs of Buscemi being the real life hero that he is when he’s not pretending to be someone else on television or the big screen. So you’ll just have to settle for these GIFs of Buscemi being a faux badass in his various TV and movie roles…

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