What’s On Tap This Weekend: Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Festive Ale

The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

I know no better way to kick-off this holiday season than with Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Festive Ale, which is What’s on Tap this weekend!

When it comes to seasonal beers, sometimes breweries go overboard with the spices. While the beer can still be good, the over-indulgence doesn’t make it beer as drinkable as others. With Festive Ale, Sweetwater Brewing has done the opposite; Festive Ale manages to be both drinkable and full of flavor/taste. Every sip you notice a different flavor.

Some sips you notice the malt and roasted earthy tones. Next you get the sweet flavors, chocolate and caramel, then you taste all of the spices, nutmeg, a hint of anise, and cinnamon! By the end of your pint all you can think is, “I’ll have another!”

With its dark-brown color, Festive Ale looks like the perfect winter warmer. Give it a try with some chicken or a game-y animal. For example, tonight I’m pairing Festive Ale with some Bison Burgers! Cooked medium-rare, so you get the gamey-bison taste! This weekend, put in Christmas Vacation, misquote Cousin Eddie, and crack open some Festive Ales; it’s the perfect way to start the holiday season!


Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%
Color: Very dark brown, almost black
Hops: Centennial, US & UK Golding
Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale
Grains: Two-Row, Munich, 40 L, 70/80, Carapils, Chocolate, and Black

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