“21 JUMP STREET, PART 2” Took Place in Real Life [VIDEO]

They’re filming 22 Jump Street right now, but the comedy about high-school narcs became a gripping drama at Perris High School in Southern California. It turns out that some high-school narcs can be pretty damn effective. Just ask the criminal masterminds known as Serina Ramirez, and Erick De La Cruz. They’re also known as the two students unlucky enough to be of legal age when the cops swooped down on the high school (along with neighboring Paloma High School) and made a lot of arrests on drug-related charges.

And when we say a lot, we mean 20 other kids got nailed by the cunning adult cops who spent an entire semester rocking out in the hallways. Check out this news article on the raid, and you get a touching quote from 16-year-old student Bruce Hollen: “You think you can trust people–you just never know.”

Ain’t that the truth? You know what we never really thought was the truth? Things like 21 Jump Street. We don’t know if the Perris High School students are particularly stupid, or if the local cops are particularly bright. Let’s take a look at the mugshot and see how smart Serina and Erick look…

Okay, so maybe the cops aren’t particularly bright. Of course, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty–but why are we quoting Cops when there’s a better FOX network show to invoke? Yes, we know that 21 Jump Street (and its sequel) are for the big-screen nowadays, but we bet this is the music that the cops were humming to themselves while swooping down on their prey. Kick it…


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