Police Use LEGO Animation to Warn About Christmas Burglaries [VIDEO]

LEGO can do just about anything. All you need is a little imagination, a hell of a lot of patience and even more free time on your hands. A police station in Great Britain found a way to make the popular building blocks actually useful by making a video to show residents what they should do with their Christmas presents to ensure that they still have a Merry Christmas, according to Metro.

The West Midlands Police Department made their very creative public service announcement to warn parents about the risk of leaving presents under the tree overnight on Christmas Eve. They gathered together some LEGO toys and shot a stop-motion animation scene of a family who gets burglarized on Christmas Day. It’s the most adorable committing of a felony you’ll ever see.

A spokesperson for the police department told Metro that they see burglary cases every year around Christmas time in which some heartless criminal breaks into a family’s house, steals all of the presents and causes the kids to not believe in Santa or a fair and just world. They advised parents to make sure that all of their windows and doors are locked securely before they settle in for a long winter’s nap. They also warned about keeping their presents in a safe place until Christmas morning and setting them under the tree just before the kids wake up and run down the stairs to tear into their gifts the way a lion tears into the freshly wrapped aardvark that Santa brought him.

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