Bootsy Collins Has A Peyton Manning Christmas [VIDEO]

Bootsy Collins has a special Christmas message, and he wants the children who follow Sports Illustrated Kids to sing along about the Christmas miracle of Peyton Manning. In fact, Bootsy is rocking the bottom for Sports Illustrated Kids with “Peyton Manning Is Passing Your Way.” The legendary funk bassist–still acclaimed for his teamwork with George Clinton in Parliament/Funkadelic–is in typically fine form as a bouncing Peyton head helps the kiddies sing along to a boppy take on “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

Bootsy is a veteran at football tunes, too. He’s from Cincinatti, and once wrote a fine original tune called “Fear Da Tiger” when the Bengals had a big NFL comeback in 2005. Plenty of the team’s players dropped by the studio to drop some rhymes, too. That song has pretty much become part of the Bengals’ tradition–so Bootsy fit right in when he joined the likes of Hank Williams, Jr. for the opening of Monday Night Football in 2006 and 2007.

We get why the fine folks at Sports Illustrated made this for the kids, but we know plenty of adults will also get a kick out of Bootsy laying down the cold facts of football in this bouncy tune. Of course, kids need to know about Peyton Manning–but maybe the Sports Illustrated crew also think there’s an important Christmas lesson in introducing kiddies to Bootsy Collins. We couldn’t agree more, so be sure to share this funky video…

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